Proud Member of the Haunted Attraction Association

Proud Member Of The Haunted Attraction Association

It's Official! The Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is an Official Member of the Haunted Attraction Association! In case you were wondering, the Haunted Attraction Association is the Only Official Association for the haunt industry. Think of this as an Exclusive Club that only the Top Haunted Houses get to join!

What’s even more incredible is how quickly our haunt has Continued To Grow! We love our customers and were blown away by how many people have Driven Over Two Hours just to come see our Haunted Schoolhouse Attraction! We look forward to seeing even more people this coming year when we reopen for the 2019 Haunt Season on September 20th!

Haunted House Season Is Right Around The Corner!

Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse Reopens September 20th With Our New Indoor Queue Line!

Haunted Schoolhouse Schedule For 2019 Season:

Starting September 20th, We Will Be Open Every FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FROM 7-11 PM Through November 2nd.

$18 Per Ticket - With 3 Floors Of Fright And More!

Check This Site And Facebook For Updates And Specials.

Join us for a season filled with fear! Are you looking to plan some fear filled times this fall season? Join us at Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse, where we teach all victims what it really means to be afraid. Make sure to check out the Calendar of Events to find the best day for arrival, if you dare. Whether you're planning a last minute outing with friends, or you are putting together a day filled with family fear, come visit one of Ohio’s top haunted house attractions near Mansfield! Click on a day to see all events for that day.

Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is back even bigger with three floors of terror for all our victims!

Check out these different horrors on our three crazy floors at the haunted schoolhouse of Ohio. You need to come check out the residents of the near deserted Slaughterville. As always, they're looking for their next victims. Proceed with caution.

Take a trip to visit the one and only Dead and Breakfast. It’s like a bed and breakfast, it’s just that some guests check out permanently. The eroding employees will be happy to take your luggage… you won’t be needing it again!

Descend down to the basement to volunteer for the experiments conducted by the infamous Contagion Industries. Become a guinea pig for the evil doctors left behind. The staff is always hungry for new victims!

You’ve seen it in your nightmares, now view it in real life. Come check out the discarded remains of the school Carnevil, in forgotten storage rooms and classrooms cloaked in darkness. Returning again, is the horrific Junior, and we heard he is bringing his ax with him!

The Cafeteria is open with a resident butcher, to prepare delicacies you won’t find at the grocery store… are you on the menu? New creepy characters are awaiting your return…

We know you’ve been dying to learn about what haunts this schoolhouse located near Mansfield! Come and see for yourself if you dare. All victims are welcome, some will make it out alive and others won’t see the light of day again. At Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse, get schooled in the terrors that haunt these schoolhouse halls every night in Ohio. Come take your chances and walk through the most haunted spots in the schoolhouse and experience the paranormal for yourself. Do you dare to walk alone? If not bring a group of friends with you, and explore the newest haunted house attraction, Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse.

Located Near Mohican State Park