This page provides answers to many of the most frequently asked questions concerning Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse. It is HIGHLY recommended that you review the following information if you have any concerns, as it can help determine whether Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse will be an optimal experience for you, your friends, and/or your family. This page is regularly updated.

Q. When is Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse open during the Fall 2022 season?

A. Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is open Fridays and Saturdays starting on September 23rd with our final day being November 5th. On days we are open, our Ticket Booth operates from 7pm to 11pm. As long as you and your entire party have purchased your ticket(s) and are in line by 11pm, you will be permitted entry. OUR TICKET BOOTH CLOSES PROMPTLY AT 11PM. No one will be allowed entry after this time.

Q. What do the daily time options mean when purchasing online tickets? Are these timed tickets?

A. The time-of-day options for online tickets help us anticipate customer flow throughout specific parts of the evening to provide the smoothest experience possible with our staffing and logistical resources. The selected time-of-day DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENTRY into the haunt at that exact time. Fast Passes are the ONLY true guarantee for a shorter wait time. If for whatever reason, you are delayed and cannot make the time on your purchased online ticket (ex. You selected 7pm, but cannot get to Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse until 8pm), that is okay; just show up when you can, with the only exception being that we have a HARD stop on entry at 11pm each night; anyone not in line by 11pm will need to return a different night.

Q. How scary is Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse? Is there an age limit?

A. WE ARE A SCARY HAUNT! A primary goal of Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is to scare you. In terms of expected content, we are on par with a 70s/80s horror movie 'R' rating; expect at least some scenery and gore similar to that seen in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, the Exorcist, The Evil Dead, and comparable films. We do not have an age limit; we believe it is important for parents to determine what content is appropriate for their children. That being said, children 12 or younger MUST be accompanied by an adult (13+ do not need an adult). WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR INDIVIDUALS TOO SCARED TO COMPLETE THE HAUNT. Note: Please do NOT bring children that cannot capably navigate a haunt by themselves (details of what the haunt entails are in a FAQ below). It is dangerous to attempt to carry a child throughout this haunt (most notably, the person carrying the child could get surprised and drop the child, bump into a wall, fall over on top of the child, etc.); if we see a risk of this situation, entry will not be permitted.

Q. What is permitted/what can I bring into the haunt?

A. All customers are required to pass through a metal detector upon entry. All large bags, backpacks, knives of ANY kind, guns of ANY kind, lighters, e-cigarettes, or similar metallic objects will be required to be returned to your vehicle. Please save both our staff and yourself time by ensuring these items are stowed away in your vehicle (or left at home) prior to attempting entry into Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse.

Q. Do your actors touch or grab customers?

A. Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is a 'no-touch' attraction. Any contact by our staff/actors is entirely incidental (ex. an actor might brush past you or you might accidentally bump into an actor). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE CUSTOMERS TO INTENTIONALLY TOUCH OR GRAB ACTORS/STAFF.

Q. What are the physical requirements for navigating Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse?

A. Our attraction takes patrons throughout the majority of the school, including 3 floors, a basement, & final outdoor area. Customers should expect 30+ minutes of walking, including going up and down multiple staircases, without breaks or seating. Atmospheric conditions include very bright, blinking & potentially disorienting lights, low-lights, fog, & areas of complete darkness as well as loud, jarring, and unexpected/surprise music and sounds. Additionally, we have a pressure (squishy) wall section & vortex (spinning) tunnel. Please consider whether these conditions are ideal for you.

Q. Can I leave Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse if I decide the experience is too intense?

A. Anyone that finds themselves unwilling or unable to complete Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse can simply approach any of our staff/actors, request to leave, & arrangements will be made to escort them out as quickly as well possible. However, in these situations, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS and NO RE-ENTRY (without buying another ticket).

Q. I'm interested in working for Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse! Are you accepting actors or staff?

A. We appreciate your interest in being a part of Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse and we are always looking to grow our haunt family! Please review the 'Actors' tab of content on our website in its entirety. If it doesn't scare you away, instructions for contacting us for a role are at the bottom of the 'Actors' tab!

Q. Why did you increase prices from last season? How do you determine ticket prices?

A. Similar to what you have heard from other businesses, we are not immune from the impacts of inflation. Wood and similar items used in set design, props, and other items necessary to maintain and improve our attraction have increased in price. In addition, in order to enhance your experience we will have more actors/staff this year than ever before. While it is not uncommon to find haunts that utilize unpaid/volunteer actors/staff, we believe it is important to compensate ALL of our workers. That all being said, Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse strives to provide the best value possible to its customers; as such, our pricing (inclusive of online fees) when compared to peer/near-peer haunted attractions (i.e. factoring in the number/quality of actors, haunt size, quality of props, etc.) is either the lowest or amongst the lowest available. Be sure to take advantage of lower rates online, & when possible, group rates (15 or more, only available online).

Q. Why does your ticket booth close at 11pm? Why aren't you open later? One of our group members is running late; can you keep your ticket booth open past 11pm?

A. Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse has established a strict 11pm requirement to have tickets purchased and to be in line for 2 reasons: Our staff/actors & our neighbors.

Many of our staff/actors have already worked a shift at their primary jobs earlier in the day or will be going to work early the next morning; additionally, while fun, working at a haunted attraction is extremely demanding and exhausting. The prioritization of our staff/actor well-being allows them to bring their 'A' game night after night and also keeps them coming back year after year as experienced haunt personnel.

Furthermore, Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse operates in a somewhat residential part of the village. Out of consideration for our neighbors we want to limit how far into the night they stand to be impacted by any noise related to our business.

We understand that sometimes people lose track of time, have a car break down, or take a wrong turn. In these cases, any tickets purchased will be eligible for use on another day we are open.